Hello Fellow Crafters

Welcome to my brand new……..ummm….blog…..tutorial site……diary/journal type thing 🙂 If you’re anything like me and love crafting, you’ve probably tried, or want to try, pretty much all crafts that you see out there. Depending on how the mood takes you will also depend on what you feel like doing – know that feeling? (I knew you’d understand!) Well I guess that’s what I’ve decided to do – I’m not an expert by any means – in fact just the opposite – but I can knit well enough to make scarves and jumpers, I can crochet just a little, I can make Dorset buttons a bit, I can make jewellery, I can make chain maille jewellery, I used to make cards, I want to scrapbook our family vacation from this year……the list is endless!! So I thought you, my fellow crafters, might find it perhaps a little interesting to follow me on my quest to attempt to learn as many of the crafts as I can. You can empathise with my sore fingers from cutting mosaic tiles, laugh at my dropped stiches and wiggly lines of sewing, and set me challenges if you wish. I will be so pleased to chat with you on the way, so feel free to jump in with comments whenever you please and I look forward to sharing our crafty secrets. I will also be sharing hints and tips, patterns and tutorials along the way, which I bequeath to you all freely. Then we can laugh at each other hehe. Please just click the button to follow me down the yellow mosaic road….I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before 🙂 ‘Til next time – Happy Crafting! Definition-of-a-crafter-

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